Welcome to the world of the Talented Mr. Picksley, your online resource for Free NFL picks. In the world of great handicapping, the data does all of the talking, and being the true geeks on the scene, we listen. Whether the quarterback is out or the new free agent is in, the lines will do the talking and Mr. Picksley will be there to capitalize. We offer free NFL picks and all of the data analysis and handicapping tips to give you the winning edge. Each Tuesday, Mr. Picksley himself will chime in with a blog discussing the opening lines for the week, along with other tidbits of handicapping gold. Click on Picksley’s Blog to get the latest information. If you are just looking for the latest scores and lines, feel free to click on Scores and Lines to get the latest numbers.

If you would like further insight into each game, check out the PixCast. A new PixCast will be posted each week on Friday. During each show, Mr. Picksley will breakdown each game from a data prospective. His trusty hypocrite The Major will be there to shoot down all theory and be the voice of reason. If you like the PixCast and want to chime in, please feel free to email us to have your questions or comments addressed on the air. Click on the PixCast link to hear this week’s analysis. Our producer and Master of Ceremonies, MC, will also throw in his opinion, rants and raves on the MC Blog. If you like to watch videos and discuss pop culture just to get a dose of something other than picks and systems, check out the MC Blog.

If its your style to do your own analysis, feel free to download all the scores and lines since 1995 from our Data and Analysis Page. This data is the foundation that has started our run of 70% hits over the past few years. If you don’t have that data touch, we will put our findings and free picks on our Picks for the Week page each week throughout the course of the year. Check back each week for more trends, analysis, and free picks.

We hope the site brings you a few minutes of entertainment and many winners. Click on our links for any of your needs and good luck this season!

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