Saturday November 29th Evening Session

Saturday, November 29, 2008
By admin
The weekend has put TTMP on the ropes.  It is important that we do not abandon our strategy in the hopes of making it all back in one shot.  These are the weeks that make you a better player because you learn to minimize the damage but accept that we live to play antoher week. The important thing to do is look at the scoreboard and realize that we are 34 units up over the last couple of weeks. So, we want to continue along like we have been, we play to win the overall picture, not to win the week. 

We here at Picksley are always on the look out for new sports betting terms and have come up with a new name for weeks like this.. “A Plaxico weekend” – We have been shooting ourselves in the foot all week so far. But, at least its only metaphorically, no matter who you are you aren’t as stupid as Plaxico. Even if you put 9000 units on The Irish tonight you still would not be as stupid as Plaxico Burress.  Safety first Plax, didn’t they teach you that in firearm safety class?  That being said, here are tonight’s plays:
1 unit
Oregon State -3.5
2 Units
Oklahoma -7.5
4 Units
USC -32

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